Essen, 05.10.2016Beiratstreffen_3

The advisory board of the Urban Factory research project met for the third time on 05.10.2016. At the meeting at the University of Duisburg-Essen, representatives of city, industry and research analysed and discussed ways of resource-efficient integration of production sites into urban space.

After a review of the last advisory board meeting and a report on the current state of research, the basic conditions and trends underlying the research project were presented. Speeches by Dr. Gerrit Posselt about the Battery LabFactory Braunschweig and Volker Langer about Tapping Measuring Technology in Siegen gave the attendees a closer look at the case studies.

In addition, the Advisory Board addressed another central question of the project. In an enriching exchange of knowledge between the participating institutes, the research partners and the members of the advisory board identified potential actors that could be important for urban productions. After analysing the stakeholders (including residents, employees, companies and municipalities) and their interrelationships with each other, the advisory board discussed potential strategies for successfully integrating factories into the city in a resource-efficient and sparing way. The different perspectives of representatives of the city, industry and research take into account the interdisciplinary demands of this project. In addition, the meeting of the advisory board made an important contribution through this communication exchange and knowledge transfer to ensure the connectivity and transferability of the results of the research project into urban and entrepreneurial practice.



Third meeting of the advisory board in Essen