Dortmund, 07.07.2016Urban_Factory_Gruppenbild

The first of a total of three case study researches started this year with the handover of the so-called “cargoSurfer” to the project partners. The electric blower wheels were designed together with the F&A Manufacture and are to be tested as an alternative to conventional means of transport for urban areas. The wheels allow flexible adjustment of the loading area and can be used for a variety of different transport purposes and industries.

As part of the case study, 21 offices and factory halls at Dortmund Airport will be supplied with equipment, spare parts and tools. A second cargoSurfer is used by the PIA Foundation (Mülheim/Ruhr) to supply households with consumer goods, especially food. The research consortium headed by the Institute of Transport Logistics will be responsible for data collection in the fields of environment, costs, performance and quality as well as image. This enables a comprehensive comparison of e-wheel and passenger car under different operating conditions. Based on these findings, the potential of e-load wheels for supplying production sites close to the city can be determined for the research project and application possibilities and limits can be derived. In this way, (electro-)logistic concepts and measures to increase the integration capability and efficiency of production sites close to the city can be developed in order to realize the Urban Factory.


Case Study Start in Dortmund